Custom Development

Custom development, when requested, is usually performed on a firm, fixed price basis. A quotation will be generated (or included in our proposal) based on written specifications provided by the customer. ChemWare can also assist in preparing specifications, if not available, and will seek sign-off prior to initiating development. This process is formalized in a Request for Services or Software Change (RSSC) document. Virtually all customization continues to be owned (in a legal sense) by ChemWare, but an option is available to license customizations with exclusivity (not distributed in the general release).

IT and Database Administration

Recommendations on LIMS/database server selection, installation, and configuration options are available under the standard software maintenance services. Technical Support staff can also provide general recommendations for database tuning; however, the Professional Services team should be engaged for an in-depth performance analysis. Database and application (query) tuning is an interactive process that requires a complete understanding of the databae environment (database, operating system, application, etc). Please contact your account manager for details on the services available.

Report Development

ChemWare's report developers can provide custom reporting solutions based on your specifications. Since HORIZON LIMS is delivered with over fifty (50) off-the-shelf reports, with full source code, these report development services often begin with  modifications to a standard report.