HORIZON Product Development and Support

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

ChemWare uses the Agile software development methodology for product development, testing, and release cycles. Compared with the traditional "waterfall" approach, Agile emphasizes a planning process that can be less deterministic and dependent on all user requirements being known in advance, relying instead on cross-functional teams and an iterative development and delivery approach that promotes flexibility and feedback throughout the development cycle.

Agile Software Development
Some may argue that a formal SDLC model no longer applies under Agile computing, but for traditionalists, the SDLC continues to provide a conceptual framework for visualizing the product roadmap and upgrade planning.

HORIZON v11 Technology Stack

HORIZON LIMS v11 provides full 64-bit support for the database and application servers. True multi-tier architecture enables scaling and virtualization  of individual components and allows for deployments ranging from small, single-site facilities to the largest multinational laboratory networks. HORIZON can be implemented in a centralized or distributed database configuration, using local servers or a remotely hosted environment.

HORIZON Technology Stack