Routine Technical Support*

If you have a routine technical support question and are unable to readily locate a solution through the online HORIZON User Guide, System Administrator Guide, or training manuals provided with your System Administrator or Advanced Report Writer Training, you may search the online resources available through this web site or submit a Technical Support Request (TSR).

If you have not done so already, please register for a MyChemWare account in order to login to and access this customer portal. After login, return to the Support tab at to access the portal. When a TSR is submitted, edited, or closed, you will receive an automated email confirmation, with TSR tracking number and status update. Be sure to whitelist the domain so that automated emails are not treated as spam.

Technical Service Request (TSR) Tracking System
Technical Service Request (TSR) Tracking System

Disaster Preparedness

For additional disaster preparedness, ChemWare offers 24x7x365 production emergency support as an "on-call" service. The emergency support line is monitored after normal business hours: weeknights from 6pm EST - 8am EST, and 24-hour coverage on weekends and holidays. This coverage supplements the standard Software Maintenance Agreement, which already includes provisions for emergency (Severity 1 or 2) technical support during normal business hours through the Priority Support line (919.855.8716, Option 1).

Production Emergency - Outside Normal Business Hours*

If you have an after-hours (evenings, weekends, holidays) production emergency, please do not call the Priority Support Hotline unless you are willing to wait until the next business day for a response. If you have an Emergency Support Option established in advance with ChemWare, you may contact the After Hours Emergency Support Hotline provided to you when you established this Option as part of your Technical Services Agreement.

For most HORIZON laboratories, the consequences of an after-hours emergency could be disastrous. Mission-critical customers include:
  • Multi-shift private laboratories
  • Government laboratories in environmental and/or public health and safety
  • Regulated labs and others with disaster recovery and emergency response mandates
As part of your disaster preparedness program, contact ChemWare now to establish Emergency Support coverage.

Production Emergency - Normal Business Hours

If you have a production emergency during normal business hours, please call the Priority Support Hotline at 919.855.8716, Option 1. This line is reserved for production emergencies; i.e., issues categorized as Severity 1 or 2 under the Software Maintenance Agreement (unable to process samples, reports, or invoices, with no reasonable workaround). Please be advised that your Software Maintenance Agreement may not cover problems caused by network, hardware, or operating system failures, or resulting from user error or use of the application not in accordance with the Documentation or Specifications.

What Users are Saying
"HORIZON Data Management has revolutionized our laboratory. Generation and archiving of hardcopy documents  decreased 75% in the first year of production, and we expect an additional 20-25% decrease during the second year."
Ken Marshall, Laboratory Manager
Eastern Municipal Water District