HORIZON LIMS in Water Quality, Utility and Manufacturing Laboratories

Water Quality Laboratory Industry

HORIZON® is used by electric and water utilities, coal testing laboratories, water reclamation and sanitation facilities. The system is delivered with hundreds of example methods, calculations, reports and workflow configurations for these analytical sectors. Utilities, chemical and other manufacturing laboratories use HORIZON for realtime compliance- and specification-checking, with direct instrument interfacing and validation alerts. Water quality laboratories use HORIZON to manage complex field sample collection and testing regimes and facilitate the integration with plant systems such as PIMS.

HORIZON automates the production, validation and transmission of environmental and water quality operations reports and DMRs.
Reporting requirements are becoming more and more stringent and complex, particularly as water quality laboratories move from paper-based and Excel macro- based systems toward enterprise-wide reporting and business intelligence systems. Water quality laboratories require more comprehensive, aggregated reports, and regulators are requiring more supporting data for validation and certification.

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Fully Automated Water Quality Test Methods

Cross-Section of Customers

Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts (LACSD) operates one of the largest county sanitation districts in California, serving about 5.1 million people. The districts’ service area covers approximately 800 square miles encompassing 78 cities and unincorporated territory within the county. The LIMS will connect ten water reclamation plant laboratories and one ocean discharge facility, along with users at twelve sanitary landfills and related refuse processing facilities. The project included the integration of external PIMS, Microbiology (CETIS) and Industrial Waste applications.
South Florida Water Management District
operates and maintains approximately 1,800 miles of canals and levees, 25 major pumping stations, and about 200 larger and 2,000 smaller water control structures. The District is one of five water management districts in Florida - a state recognized as having one of the biggest water quality challenges anywhere in the world. SFWMD moved into full production on HORIZON in August, within the six month implementation goal.
Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District (SRCSD)
is one of the largest sanitation districts in California, serving unincorporated areas of Sacramento County, parts of the cities of Sacramento and Folsom, and the cities of Citrus Heights and Elk Grove. SRCSD conveys wastewater to the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (SRWTP), which treats an average of 165 mgd of wastewater (though capable of treating 400 mgd) during peak wet-weather flow. The SRWTP is supported by a full-service laboratory that analyzes drinking water, wastewater, ambient (river) water, soil/sediment/sludge, and hazardous waste by several hundred environmental regulatory methods.


Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD)
provides water, wastewater water, and recycled water service to a population of over 630,000 people within a 555 square mile service area serving Riverside County, CA. The District provides wholesale water service to a variety of sub-agencies. The District operates four water reclamation facilities treating some 44 million gallons of wastewater daily, two water filtration plants, and two desalination plants.

is the largest community-owned utility in Florida and the eighth largest in the United States. JEA owns, operates, and manages the electrical, water, and sewer systems for the City of Jacksonville.

Georgia Power
is the largest of five electric utilities that make up A Southern Company, the largest generator of electricity in the U.S., and has provided electricity to Georgia for more than a century. Georgia Power is an investor-owned utility that serves 2 million customers in 57,000 of the state's 59,000 square miles.
WQ Product Brief
What Users are Saying
"HORIZON Data Management has revolutionized our laboratory. Generation and archiving of hardcopy documents  decreased 75% in the first year of production, and we expect an additional 20-25% decrease during the second year."
Laboratory Manager
Eastern Municipal Water District