Upgrading Your LIMS*

When to Upgrade

Legacy LIMS often remain in production for years past their useful life. Customized systems may have taken a decade or more to build all the necessary features and interfaces, and management may postpone the replacement project based on the expectation that a new LIMS will require the same time and effort. With modern technologies and an experienced project team, this should not be the case.

Project Scope

Except for new/startup laboratories, nearly every implementation of HORIZON LIMS involves replacing an existing LIMS technology and migrating historical data. Over the past two decades, ChemWare has replaced nearly every commercial LIMS serving the environmental and human health & safety sectors, as well as numerous commercial LIMS used in manufacturing QC, energy/utilities, and life sciences/R&D. Systems most often replaced are commercial LIMS the vendor no longer supports (50%), commercial LIMS the user has outgrown and/or heavily customized and can no longer take product updates (25%), and in-house/custom-built LIMS that have not kept pace with technology (25%). A few of the most frequently replaced commercial LIMS that are no longer vendor-supported include:

  • ACS Seedpak® (acquired by LabVantage and discontinued)
  • PerkinElmer LABWORKS®
  • Telecations Aspen® and Conifer®
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