Commonly Interfaced Instruments by Analytical Section*

HORIZON has been interfaced to virtually all modern instrumentation and equipment (balances, field instruments, data loggers, etc.)  used in environmental and clinical laboratories, as well as instruments commonly used in manufacturing, materials (destructive and non-destructive testing), industrial hygiene, and utility (fuels) testing laboratories. A complete list of all interfaced instruments and devices is not maintained because the majority of interfaces have been implemented independently by users.

Portable Field Data Collection: Seamless Integration with LIMS

Aerial view of San Jose Creek Water Reclamation PlantHORIZON’s Field Data Capture (FDC) module is the ideal tool for sample collectors or field personnel who are capturing field test observations and results. Routine sampling activities are scheduled through HORIZON’s pre-login function, which creates an XML file containing test request and sample demographic information (including collector, collect date, location, etc.) that is downloaded onto the collector’s field laptop. FDC supports automated data collection from RS232 field instruments such as the Hydrolab water quality sondes. If the field laptop is equipped with GPS, the latitude and longitude data can also be captured automatically. Collectors have the opportunity to create ad-hoc samples in the field, choose from predefined list of values for easy data entry and add free-text comments. Upon return to the laboratory, the laptop is synchronized with HORIZON, samples are auto-accessioned and field test results uploaded.

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