Accounting System Integration

When the invoice is generated, an export file of billable charges is also created, so that charges and breakdown by general ledger account can be automatically fed into the laboratory’s Accounts/Receivable system. Invoices, including the charge detail, remain online for inquiry purposes. The entire invoice can be backed out and regenerated if changes are to be made, spawning an updated credit memo to A/R. Most HORIZON users generate invoices directly from LIMS, but you still have the option of just passing the A/R file through and using the existing billing features in your accounting system.

Accounting systems are highly standardized from an integration standpoint, so the interfacing technique is quite generic. HORIZON has been interfaced to more than a dozen different accounting systems, including both text file and HL7 uploads.

Integration with Water Quality Plant Systems

Integration with Industrial Permit Management System

ChemWare implemented a web service to facilitate the transfer of sample schedules from a Plant Industrial Permit Management System (iPACS) to the pre-login structures in HORIZON and also to pass final laboratory results from HORIZON back to iPACS. This data transfer was achieved through the implementation of a web service that accepted a formatted XML document that is then pushed into the HORIZON database. The outbound XML results file from HORIZON is delivered back to the PIMS in a similar manner. ChemWare also supports standard file import export as well.

Importing Data from SCADA

Import jobs can be scheduled at any time interval or initiated manually, and work in an automated fashion to parse data files that are saved to a shared file system folder from the SCADA system. The SCADA data can be linked to laboratory data based on sampling location, sample id, sampling time, or any other data field that is provided by SCADA. HORIZON uses customizable calculations to aggregate data and provide sums, averages, median or any other type of calculation needed for monitoring report needs. The final reports can further provide daily, weekly or monthly averages and other statistical calculations.

HL7 Data Exchange

HORIZON enables secure, reliable, and real-time exchange of critical health data between the laboratory and its partners and agencies. HORIZON receives electronic test requests, captures sample demographic and collection data, manages data, and reports electronic results. HORIZON accepts and routes HL7 messages using LOINC® and SNOMED® coding standards.

HORIZON captures pre-login information, including sample demographics and orders, writes HL7 variant messages that contain final reportable results back out onto the network, and creates reverse outbound reflexive orders. HORIZON also has a HL7 viewer transaction that lets you view the constituent parts of a message from within the LIMS.

HORIZON’s HL7 framework handles:

  • messaging with clients;
  • messaging with any system/application capable of receiving/understanding a HL7 message;
  • messaging from customers—accepting login information, patient update information, and additional test codes the client wants to schedule;
  • messaging communicating back to client—updates made to demographics, additional test codes being scheduled by laboratory, final results (including initial results as well as corrected results for re-reported samples).