Subcontract Laboratories

HORIZON supports “subcontracting” to sister laboratories within the network and also to outside laboratories. HORIZON produces documentation and packaging/shipping labels to support this process. When work is subcontracted, users will see a schedule (unit of work) on the sample record indicating who the subcontractors are and which test requests have been subbed out, along with an expected due date. If the subcontractor returns the results in a standardized format (as an electronic file), the upload of the test results can be fully automated, closing out the subcontractor schedule in the sample record. The final report (if desired) can then be generated automatically, to include all test results regardless of which lab actually conducted the testing. The report can also specify where the testing was conducted.

Using an Integration Engine to Facilitate HL7 Transmission

An information broker/integration engine is recommended to normalize any non-standard HL7 formats or submitter/recipient variants, as is often the case in large clinical, drugs of abuse, and public health laboratories. For message transport we recommend that HORIZON deliver a single HL7 v2.3x message to an integration engine such as Rhapsody or Cloverleaf. The majority of our PHL partners use Rhapsody to manage their incoming and outgoing HL7 transmissions to partner laboratories and the CDC. Using a message broker, the laboratory has complete control over the message and message content and can reform data, translate data, map data, etc. to meet the specific needs of their submitters and data recipients.

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