Integrate any Application, System, and Device*

Although instruments vary in their communication protocols, ChemWare has a long and proven track record of interfacing virtually all types of laboratory instrumentation using one of two techniques: HORIZON Data Exchange and Data Innovations Instrument Manager.

HORIZON Data Exchange (HDX) is used to develop text file parsers for all the common spectrophotometry, chromatography, and similar high-throughput instruments used in modern analytical laboratories. These instruments typically produce a single run file for each sample analysis, or a run file at the conclusion of the run sequence (i.e., analytical batch). HDX runs on the instrument data system or other system on the network with which the instrument can communicate, in either manual or automated (unattended) mode. 

  • Quickly installed and easy to use, HDX is built around increasing technician productivity without a steep learning curve.
  • HDX integrates instruments with any LIMS or other data system that can read structured text.
  • HDX installs in minutes and has a small footprint, with no database to configure or connect.
  • HDX can reduce instrument interfacing cost by 50% or more, compared with database-driven and custom spreadsheet/macro-based approaches.

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Data Innovations Instrument Manager™  is the preferred technique for most clinical analyzers, microbiology instruments, and similar devices equpped with ASTM, HL7 and/or RS232 connectivity. Data Innovations provides drivers for over 150 common analyzers. Instrument Manager can communicate either through the network via serial line, or by way of the network file system using the HL7 protocol. It accepts test requests from HORIZON, determines which instrument the requests are to be sent to, translates the request into instructions that the instrument understands, and then routes the information to the instrument. Test results follow a similar path, but in reverse. The results are translated out of the instrument-specific format and uploaded to HORIZON.

Integrating HORIZON LIMS with Other Enterprise Systems

One of the strengths of HORIZON LIMS is its ability to integrate with third party systems. HORIZON offers several methods for importing external system data, all of which use a set of data transfer tables within the HORIZON database schema, named the Autopost Pipe. Import jobs can be scheduled at any time interval (minutes, hours or days) or initiated manually, and work in an automated fashion to parse data files or messages from external systems.

Integration with external devices/applications/systems can be achieved through various industry-standard techniques (web services/SOA, XML, HL7, ODBC, direct update, etc.), many of which take advantage of HORIZON’s specialized Data Layer. The Data Layer contains pre-mined data from HORIZON’s database; external data can be “pushed” into, or “pulled” from, the database through the Data Layer.

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