Quality Control Data Analysis, Charting, and QC Limit Updating*

HORIZON stores run results by instrument, date, time, location, analyst, method, matrix, and analyte. This organization facilitates QC charting, historical trend analysis and control limit updating using the built in statistical analysis functionality. With HORIZON Statistical Analysis (HSA), you can quickly generate an ad hoc QC chart for a specific test parameter of interest, or you may set up and save a query for recurring analysis using the same variables over time.

New limits may be manually entered or automatically uploaded using HORIZON Statistical Analysis. Control limits are maintained online in HORIZON, with start and stop dates for the period during which they are in effect. Control limits for a given analyte may be associated with a specific analytical method, preparation procedure, matrix, instrument, workorder, profile, and/or client.

HORIZON allows you to control all the variables included in a query. You decide whether to analyze reportable results, analytical results or QC results such as percent recovery or relative percent difference. Users can (1) specify filter criteria and save the query for future use, (2) calculate control chart means, warning limits, and failure limits, or use pre-existing or even ad hoc limits, (3) optionally, update HORIZON’s online control limits, (4) create control charts at the desired frequency to monitor performance, and (5) generate hardcopy control charts en masse, as a batch job.

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