Data and Report Security*

HORIZON security administration supports role- and user-based privileges, with single-signon report writer integration and report-specific security controls (e.g., a financial report may be published for management-level employees only). Passwords are encrypted in the database, and the system administrator can customize password/authentication rules to conform with organization security policies.

Beyond the application, the physical security of your server and network should be established by an IT professional or consultant with expertise in this area.


HORIZON requires a unique username and password combination and provides a role-based security model that prevents system access or data modification without proper security privileges. The identity of the user and a date timestamp are attached to every update of sample or batch information. HORIZON maintains a full audit trail displaying the “before” and “after” values, date and time of change, person making the change, reason for change, and optional free format explanation for the change. Capture of auditing information can be enabled in the background (“quiet” auditing).
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