Electronic Data Deliverables*

For many laboratories, the most labor-intensive and complex task for staff is to extract data from the LIMS and export it into a specified file or database format. In HORIZON, EDDs are configured using the EDD Framework, which is designed for end users to easily create new EDDs or modify ChemWare-supplied EDD templates. Without this framework in place, a developer would likely require thousands of lines of code in order to properly map, mine, and format anything but the most basic of environmental EDDs. To minimize the complexity for the end user, the configuration components in HORIZON are separated into a Rules Engine with an EDD mapping tool, an abstraction of the database called the Data Layer, and an API for full programmability, if desired.

Once the design is completed, EDDs can be generated by anyone in the laboratory (without programming skills) through HORIZON's Report Manager module, using the same automated background process that services the generation and delivery of final data reports. The Web Portal also provides a simple ad hoc query tool for laboratory customers to generate their own EDD files on demand (as CSV or XLS files, for example).

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