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HORIZON's reporting engine includes a fully integrated report writer and business intelligence platform, along with over 50 standard final, operations and laboratory workflow reports.. LIMS end-users may run ad hoc reports from HORIZON menus, entering query, filter and sort parameters, along with output format (e.g. RTF, XLS, PDF, CSV). You can decide which reports you want to make available to classes of report recipients, depending on the types of data they might be interested in. Self-service reports describing sample status, test results by location and date range, results that monitor exceedances, and samples processed by varying methods and time periods, for example, are commonly made available for data consumers to run from LIMS.

The report development environment includes drag-and-drop report building tools, supported by a report code programming language built on Visual Basic. Policy-based content archiving and automatic report versioning features simplify management of large volumes of reports and spreadsheets.

On Demand Access to Results, Documents, and Online Orders

Most laboratories provide customers a means for accessing test results online. Laboratory web portals are usually sample-centric; that is, the user must know the sample or patient identification number in order to query test results. LabOnline is a data-driven portal – organized and searchable by any of the metadata related to the laboratory testing program. Filter samples by date range (collection, receipt, reporting) or by test status (in process, reported). View only the samples with positive test results; those with previously unread reports; or those associated with a specific sample collector. Search by sample location or chain of custody ID. LabOnline provides laboratory data consumers the tools needed to shift from dependence on paper reports and phone calls to a new level of self-service and convenience.

  • Tailored to the clients you serve, LabOnline integrates seamlessly into any corporate website or existing client portal
  • LabOnline supports end-user dashboards and portal customization
  • Electronic ordering made simple (for the client and the laboratory)
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Complex Deliverables Automation
Complex Deliverables Automation
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