Industry-Specific Configurations

HORIZON LIMSHORIZON® is the LIMS of choice for many of the world's most highly automated water/wastewater, environmental, clinical, public health, industrial hygiene, energy, and drugs of abuse laboratories. Delivered with predefined regulatory methods, industry-specific reports, and user-configurable instrument interfaces, HORIZON is a web-based, enterprise class LIMS combining powerful security features with advanced financial, business intelligence, and document management solutions.

Industry-specific configurations are available for many types of public and commercial/contract laboratories performing highly regulated testing, including:

Enforcing Regulatory Compliance

HORIZON provides built-in functionality designed to enforce compliance with industry-specific regulations, method protocols, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Off-the-shelf data reports are formatted for consistency with laboratory reporting standards within each analytical segment. The standard final environmental data report, for example, includes special date/time formats for sample receipt, preparation, and analysis, as required by NELAC and other accrediting and regulatory agencies.

Literature: Brochures and Product Briefs

HORIZON LIMS for Water Quality LaboratoriesProduct Brief describing implementation of HORIZON in the water/wastewater laboratory industry
HORIZON LIMS for Public Health LaboratoriesProduct Brief describing implementation of HORIZON in the public health laboratory industry
HORIZON LIMS Brochure Overview of HORIZON LIMS with industry-specific pre-configured templates, unmatched configurability, and advanced automation and data management capabilities.
Success Stories
"HORIZON Data Management has revolutionized our laboratory. Generation and archiving of hardcopy documents  decreased 75% in the first year of production, and we expect an additional 20-25% decrease during the second year."
Laboratory Manager
Eastern Municipal Water District 


"With the implementation of HORIZON, the laboratory realized both productivity gains and improvements to data quality within the first few months of operation. HORIZON automatically reports results to our surveillance system, and allows our partners to order tests and receive results electronically."
Project Manager
Bureau of Information Technology

Alabama Dept of Public Health


"The closer we looked at HORIZON and the more we talked about our technical specifications and business requirements, the more apparent it became that ChemWare spoke our language."
IT Manager
NMS Labs


"Pace Analytical Services has invested heavily in systems automation and electronic communications in order to enhance response time, service quality, and analytical capabilities across our sixteen laboratories. Pace has continued to grow and expand its business into new geographies and new markets, and the LIMS is a key component of our continued success."
Pace Analytical Services Inc.