Custom Calculations and Triggers*

Custom calculations (not to be confused with general results calculations from manually or automatically captured test results) and database triggers can be developed to provide for nearly any type of system update or action desired – with no impact to the HORIZON source code. Custom action triggers can be set up to fire during key events in LIMS: sample login, results entry, results approval, batch release, sample completion, etc. Calculations may contain logic or advanced math functions to compute or derive new values from the combination of two or more other values (whether or not on the same sample), or to interrogate results or samples for the presence/absence of certain conditions or comparison to criteria. If underlying analytical results are edited, any associated calculation will re-fire to create an updated computed/derived result, under full audit trail.

HORIZON is delivered with over one hundred example calculations and triggers routinely used by customer laboratories. These vary in complexity, but your system administrator can easily tailor these exposed programs for your specific circumstances.

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