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Optional Features

HORIZON LIMSThe HORIZON Central core LIMS functionality may be expanded to include specialized features that may be applicable to a subset of laboratory users or customers:

Scientific data and document management: HORIZON Data Management provides an electronic record keeping strategy for the laboratory to capture, index and retrieve (directly through the LIMS) all of its instrument runs, chain of custody forms, spreadsheets, SOPs, training records, instrument maintenance records, certificates of analysis for reagents/standards, and other documents generated throughout the laboratory.

Advanced reporting and business intelligence: HORIZON Report Manager/Web Portal is a professional grade reporting engine with a secure Web Portal for distributing and managing reports inside and outside the organization. HRM provides automated report generation, dashboard views of laboratory key performance indicators (KPIs), and “push” technologies for remote users to submit requests for sample collection kits/coolers, login samples remotely, or run ad hoc queries on their own projects or data.

Advanced statistical analysis: HORIZON Statistical Analysis facilitates the generation of Shewhart accuracy and precision QC charts, as well as Levey-Jennings plots, on either an ad hoc or batch mode basis. These charts can automatically tag statistically-calculated or pre-established warning limits and control limits, and evaluate and identify Western Electric pattern rule violations. HSA is used to query QC data based on advanced filter criteria (e.g., specific technicians or analysts, analytical method/batch types, analytical date ranges or last n points, etc.), and to update the database with new, version stamped laboratory QC limits.

Advanced instrument interfacing: HORIZON Instrument Integration provides interface configuration tools for automated data capture from a variety or laboratory equipment/instrument types, including print capture, RS232, file parsing, and HL7 communication.

Remote field data capture: HORIZON Field Data Capture (FDC) is a standalone application that automates the remote collection of sample demographics and field test results (including integration with field instrumentation) on a ruggedized laptop. FDC is integrated with HORIZON's prelogin features for easy upload of route information and auto-upload of field samples and data.

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