Hardware Requirements*

Hardware requirements for an on premise deployment vary based on many factors: size of the organization, growth expectations, budget, system configuration, virtualization, and integration with other systems, to name a few. Consult with your project manager or account manager to discuss requirements.

HORIZON LIMS Licensing for Any Size Organization

Licensing Terms

All the software is licensed on a non-exlusive, perpetual use basis, with a one-time licensing fee. An annual software maintenance agreement provides unlimited technical support and software updates during the year. Source code is held in escrow as part of the standard terms of this agreement.

Licensing Metrics

HORIZON LIMS is licensed by named users – individual people authorized for "direct read/write access" to the system. Users who need only run queries or reports against the system are provided "indirect read-only" access, and licensed on an unlimited user basis. Laboratory staff are typically provided "direct access" through HORIZON's login screen and interface, while laboratory sample submitters and report recipients are provided "indirect access" through HORIZON's Web Portal. Other modules are licensed based on the users who take advantage of the module's functionality.

Licensing Options and Scalability

The LIMS database is licensed by either named users or processors (unlimited users on the specified hardware). ChemWare sells and supports the Embedded Software License (ESL), Application-Specific Full Use (ASFU), and Full Use versions of the database, making the system affordable for nearly every organization, regardless of size. Speak with your account manager about the licensing option that fits best with your organization and IT infrastructure. Additional licenses for all software sold by ChemWare may be purchased at any time; a new license key is provided via email that provides instant access by licensed users.

Cloud/Hosted/Managed Services Option

HORIZON is also available as a cloud/hosted solution under a managed services subscription.
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