Scientific Data Management for the Paperless Laboratory*

HORIZON Content Manager provides an electronic record keeping strategy for the laboratory to capture, index and retrieve documents generated throughout the laboratory.

HCM paves the way for the paperless laboratory, allowing analysts and supervisors to review analytical data generated by any instrument or device integrated with LIMS. HORIZON Logbook Manager is the companion module for converting paper-based logbook and bench sheet record keeping systems to a fully integrated, electronic records system.

Enterprise Content Management and Report Automation

Modern laboratories with multi-vendor instrumentation, computer hardware, and software applications have always faced huge hurdles in capturing, reviewing, and reporting data from these disparate data sources. Scientists reviewing analytical data typically require either the hardcopy data report, complete with the raw instrument output, or access to a workstation on which the instrument data system software resides. HORIZON Content Manager (HCM) solves this problem by capturing the instrument report, post-acquisition, and linking it to the applicable items (samples, batches) in HORIZON.
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