LIMS-Integrated Electronic Laboratory Notebook for Production-Oriented Labs

HORIZON Logbook Manager (HLM) is an enterprise-class Electronic Laboratory Notebook. ELNs were originally designed for scientist- and study-centric applications; however, HLM also addresses the needs of submitter-, process-, and/or sample-centric laboratories. These production-oriented laboratories typically use a wide variety of test methods governed by a comprehensive quality management system.  Specifically, HLM is a tablet-based application for capturing and leveraging data from:

  • QC checks on balances, refrigerators, pipets, and other equipment that are monitored, calibrated, or maintained;
  • QC checks on reagents, consumables, or other materials used in sample processing; and
  • manual sample preparation and testing processes that would otherwise be recorded on paper-based bench sheets.

In other words, the scientific data in your laboratory that remains petrified on paper, often with little or no relationship to the samples tracked in LIMS:

HLM connects these relationships, so supervisors and QA staff really understand the impact of sample storage refrigerators with unacceptably high temperature readings or QC stock standards that appear to have degraded. HLM allows you to check the status of every component of the quality management system during every step of sample processing, rather than relying on emails and sticky notes for out-of-control notifications. Instead of transcribing sample preparation data and test results readings from worksheets into LIMS, the user enters the data from the bench directly into the HLM tablet. This eliminates photocopying/scanning and long-term archiving of paper records, and makes all the data searchable, shareable, and reportable.

HORIZON Logbook Manager