"…revolutionized...streamlined...regulatory-compliant...best practices..."


"HORIZON's data management has revolutionized our laboratory. Generation and archiving of hardcopy documents decreased 75% in the first year of production, and we expect an additional 20-25% decrease during the second year."  Laboratory Manager, Eastern Municipal Water District

"Pace Analytical Services has invested heavily in systems automation and electronic communications in order to enhance response time, service quality, and analytical capabilities across our sixteen laboratories. Pace has continued to grow and expand its business into new geographies and new markets, and the LIMS is a key component of our continued success."  - CEO, Pace Analytical Services Inc.

"Our ability to add unique functionality and customize the workflow in HORIZON helped streamline our processes tremendously."  - IT Manager,
Alaska Public Health Laboratory

"From analytical instrument interfacing to integration with other third-party systems, HORIZON LIMS makes almost any automation goal attainable. ChemWare's project management staff have the experience necessary to help us implement these solutions using industry best practices."  - LIMS Administrator, L. A. County Sanitation Districts

"HORIZON LIMS manages our entire forensic drug testing operation, from accessioning through final reporting, statistical reporting, and invoicing. We are now able to automate so many things that our previous LIMS was unable to handle, in a fully regulatory-compliant environment. All of our GC/MS instrumentation is bi-directionally interfaced with HORIZON, and all of our reports, including the scanned custody forms, are automatically generated and transmitted by fax, web portal, or hardcopy."  Laboratory Manager/RP, St. Anthony Hospital/SSMHC

"With the implementation of HORIZON, the laboratory realized productivity gains and improvements to data quality within the first few months of operation. HORIZON automatically reports results to our surveillance system, and allows our partners to order tests and receive results electronically."  Project Manager, Bureau of Information Technology/Alabama Dept of Public Health

"The closer we looked at HORIZON and the more we talked about our technical specifications and business requirements, the more apparent it became that ChemWare spoke our language."  - IT Manager, NMS Labs

"HORIZON has allowed us to serve our customers in ways we never imagined. Automated email alerts instantly notify our customers of abnormal results, allowing them to proactively mitigate potentially serious problems in the public water supply. HORIZON's report generation and Web Portal technologies have saved us 20 labor hours/week, providing our customers with superior service through on-demand access to sample status and results. We no longer have to rummage through piles of paperwork to retrieve critical sample information, as all the data is readily accessible through a few simple clicks."  LIMS Administrator, County of Los Angeles ACWM/Environmental Toxicology Lab