HORIZON User Community

HORIZON LIMSHORIZON’s user community is unlike that of any other LIMS product; rather than diverging from the vendor’s core technology, HORIZON users continue to shape the system by providing continuous feedback to ChemWare. The reason for this is simple—all of its customer laboratories are operating on the same LIMS product. Users are able to take new releases and enhancements at any time without retrofitting site-specific configurations or business rules. Using the administration tools delivered with the system, HORIZON is configured to meet the unique workflows of each customer industry. This is a clear testimonial to HORIZON’s flexibility, and an indication of ChemWare’s long-term commitment to these analytical industries.

LIMS implementation success can be measured quantitatively and qualitatively. Most quantitative metrics are described in terms of reduced operating costs or increased productivity. A "hard" cost is readily quantified, such as an increase in throughput or capacity (often expressed as samples processed per unit time or unit of labor). A "soft" cost is difficult to quantify, such as lost business through poor customer relationship management, or employee turnover through "atrophication" – dissatisfaction of users with the lack of automation or the inability to get to critical data in a timely fashion.