"The closer we looked at HORIZON and the more we talked about our technical specifications and business requirements, the more apparent it became that ChemWare spoke our language."

IT Manager
NMS Labs
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HORIZON User Metrics

HORIZON LIMS customers range from small specialty laboratories to very large, multi-site enterprise operations  a true testament to the scalability of the system. Customer laboratories are:

  • 5,000 different test methods at a single site
  • 10,000 samples/day, 24x7x52
  • 10+ years of data and tens of millions of records online without archiving
  • 100 concurrent users and 10 sites on a centralized database
  • 8,000 reports/day transmitted via fax, web, and email
  • 75% reduction in generation and archiving of hardcopy documents in 1st year
  • 15% reduction in labor costs in 1st year
  • 50% increase in lab capacity by 2nd year

HORIZON User Community

Regardless of technical or business requirements, all HORIZON LIMS users are operating with the same core LIMS code, regardless of industry or type of testing performed. Site-specific "customizations" are better termed "configurations," since they are handled through the tools and training delivered with the system, starting with pre-configured, industry-specific test codes, interfaces, calculations, and reports. The HORIZON LIMS user community includes:

  • Over 10,000 users
  • State, municipal, and U.S. Department of Defense public health laboratories serving millions of citizens and military personnel worldwide
  • Municipal and county wastewater/water quality laboratories serving populations of over 1 million people
  • Top twenty commercial environmental laboratories, including the second-largest in the U.S.
  • SAMHSA- and WADA-certified drug testing laboratories, including one of two laboratories in the U.S. certfied by the World Anti-Doping Association to provide testing on Olympics, NFL, and NCAA athletes
  • Fortune 100 companies, including the largest generator of electricity in U.S.
  • U.S. Department of Defense laboratories, including high security DoD chemical demilitarization facilities
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