HORIZON v12: A New Chapter in LIMS History*

HORIZON v12 marks a new chapter in the nearly 40-year history of commercial Laboratory Information Management Systems. HORIZON's user interface (UI) has evolved over the past two decades from the first UNIX (HP-UX) interface (think "green screen" and no mouse) through successive Windows and web-based UI upgrades -- and never left a customer behind.

Latest HORIZON LIMS Projects

Environmental and Water Quality Laboratories

HORIZON LIMS has been at the center of a number of high profile laboratory automation projects at several major water reclamation and water treatment facilities across the U.S. and Canada. These laboratories have all implemented HORIZON's electronic record keeping and report automation technologies and several have rolled out, and are utilizing, HORIZON Field Data Capture. In addition to these capabilities, HORIZON was chosen to help facilitate compliance with NELAC, QA/QC, and regulatory reporting requirements.

American Water
ChemWare partnered with American Water to further enhance the laboratory processes at its Central Laboratory. Since its opening in 1981, the lab has been dedicated to drinking water analysis and quality measurement. Since the implementation of HORIZON LIMS, American Water's Central Laboratory in Belleville, Illinois is able to automate and manage all aspects of its laboratory information systems; provide accessibility to the information from its remote labs, including scheduling of sample delivery, availability of on-demand reporting and utilization of executed sampling and analysis programs; allow integration with other data management systems within the labs; and provide for growth and change in future laboratory practices.
Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts
One of the largest county sanitation districts in California, the LACSD, commenced the implementation of HORIZON LIMS in February, 2007. This facility operates a confederation of independent special districts serving about 5.1 million people. The districts’ service area covers approximately 800 square miles encompassing 78 cities and unincorporated territory within the county. The LIMS connects ten water reclamation plant laboratories and one ocean discharge facility, along with users at twelve sanitary landfills and related refuse processing facilities.

Clark County Water Reclamation District
The CCWRD Wastewater Laboratory provides analytical support to the largest treatment plants in Nevada. CCWRD, with a collection system comprising 2,700 miles of pipeline, services unincorporated portions of Clark County and surrounding areas around Las Vegas, NV. CCWRD maintains a state-of-the-art laboratory that provides a range of testing services to support the analytical needs of the wastewater plants.

Public Health Laboratories

DC Public Health Lab completes LIMSi integration with LRN

The DC Department of Forensic Sciences (public health laboratory) has officially completed the LRN-B LIMSi implementation, with full system interoperability with the Laboratory Response Network (LRN). LRN was established in 1999 through a collaborative effort involving the CDC, APHL and the FBI. The LRN is an integrated network of local, state and federal public health, hospital-based, food testing, veterinary, environmental and international laboratories providing laboratory diagnostics and capacity for biological, chemical and radiological terrorism, emerging infectious diseases and other public health threats.

DC has successfully fulfilled all formal LIMSi milestones and production validation requirements. Congratulations to the DC Public Health Laboratory for a successful, on-time completion of this project.

Connecticut State Public Health Laboratory

The Connecticut State Public Health Laboratory recently implemented LRN-B LIMSi data exchange functionality in HORIZON LIMS. The lab successfully completed all formal project milestones and production-ready validation requirements, demonstrating full interoperability with the CDC's LRN Results Messenger.

Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene

ChemWare was awarded a contract with the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene (WSLH) to implement HORIZON LIMS in the WSLH Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Divisions. These divisions provide services to protect occupational and environmental health across the state. The Environmental Sciences Section analyzes over 100,000 samples annually, including drinking water, surface water, waste water, sediment, air, animal tissue, soil, blood, urine, food and hazardous waste. These tests encompass the full range of inorganic, organic, radiochemistry, and environmental toxicity parameters. The WSLH Occupational Health Laboratory analyzes over 50,000 samples per year, primarily for industrial hygiene chemical and microbiological contaminants in air, wipe and bulk samples. The project was part of the overall WSLH Strategic Plan, and involved replacement of internally-developed software systems with industry standard technologies and common business processes to support an integrated IT infrastructure for the WSLH labs. Realized outcomes include improvements in the efficiency of laboratory operations, client satisfaction (primarily through electronic data exchange enhancements), and compliance with federal regulations for documentation.

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