State of the Art in Lab Informatics: Understanding the Real Cost of LIMS Projects

On Demand: Robert Whitehead, ChemWare Inc
March 12, 2013 

To evaluate the real cost of LIMS, you must understand where a candidate solution falls on the LIMS Design Spectrum; quantify The Four C’s (control, change, complexity and cost) as accurately as possible; and then make adjustments for projected productivity, quality, and lifecycle benefits. This ChemWare-sponsored on demand webinar details the key factors that must be considered when comparing industry-specific COTS solutions, extensible COTS LIMS with an Application Programming Interface (API), and a custom or toolkit system that requires a full Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

State of the Art in Lab Informatics: Change Management and the Adoption of Enterprise Technology

Presenter: Tommy Bernard, Vice President, Brown & Caldwell
December 11th, 2012

Organizations continue to pursue innovative technology solutions that will help drive their businesses forward. However, as technologies progress, an organization’s objective remains the same: adopt and implement the best-fit technology solution to allow greater efficiencies and more informed decision-making. Many laboratories, for example, have difficulty realizing the full benefits of technologies as they do not apply a critical activity: Change Management.  Understanding and implementing change management activities is not only essential, it is critical to the success of technology adoption. This webinar will detail necessary change management activities, as well as discuss Brown and Caldwell’s proven change management successes during technology implementations.

State of the Art in Lab Informatics: Emerging Technologies

Presenter: Robert Walla, Astrix Technology Group
June 5, 2012 

Progressive organizations are embracing new technology to address the challenges to maximize efficiency, foster collaboration, share information and reduce costs within their laboratory. This 30 minute recorded webinar examines emerging technologies, their use within a laboratory setting, and relevant case studies on successful implementation. These technologies include mobile devices, social media, collaborative software and cloud computing.

State of the Art in Lab Informatics: Leveraging Lab Data in Decision Making

Presenter: Corey Williams, Vice President, Inflection Point Solutions
September 11, 2012

Labs generate a significant amount of data that can and should be used in making decisions for utilities. However, efficiently incorporating lab data with other operational data can be challenging.

Using case studies from the water and wastewater industry, we will explore how utilities incorporate lab data into analysis, reporting and decision-making. We will cover issues that utilities face when combining lab and other operational data; among them data ownership, data control, and discrepancy resolution.

Participants outside the utility industry can benefit from lessons illustrated within the case studies.