Since 1987, ChemWare (www.chemware.com) has been providing mission-critical information management solutions for many of the world's most highly automated environmental and human health & safety laboratories. Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, ChemWare is owned by Dohmen Life Science Services, an outsourced services company founded in 1858. ChemWare has been developing, implementing, and supporting its flagship product, HORIZON® LIMS, since its first commercial release in 1991.

Markets Served*

Various independent researchers estimated the 2010 U.S. LIMS Market at $380-$450 million, although the methodologies (and even definition of a "LIMS") vary widely across surveys. ChemWare estimates that 90% of LIMS market revenues are generated from the pharmaceutical, clinical trials, genomics, and related life sciences laboratory sectors, and from chemical, petrochemical, and related product quality/R&D testing. This leaves approximately $38-$45 million allocated to all other LIMS segments.

Of the private laboratory users of HORIZON LIMS, most are full service environmental laboratories, many of which also perform IH testing (asbestos, SUMMA canisters, cartridges, etc.). Several private laboratory customers are “captive” laboratories that perform in-house testing for environmental monitoring/compliance. Of ChemWare’s public health and U.S. Department of Defense laboratory customers, all perform environmental chemistry, microbiology and/or IH testing. Several of the DoD laboratories perform continuous ambient air monitoring (DAAMS tubes) for chemical agents. The largest private clinical laboratory user of HORIZON LIMS performs environmental test methods on bioanalytical matrices (e.g., 8081 Pesticides/PCBs on tissue samples). Collectively, about 85% of the customer base performs some type of environmental testing ranging from a handful of methods to several thousand methods, with about a dozen laboratories performing some IH (predominately air) testing.

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